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Currently, I am a self-employed consultant for local business owners; I design media relations, site content and social media strategies. I recently finished project work for PiersonGrant PR, where I planned/executed media and social media campaigns for Dairy Queen. I always aim to create campaigns that spur engagement, drive sales and inspire the media to write.

The presidents of 3 PR firms have trusted me with their clients' social media campaigns, and I delivered: see the link above. My goal is to continue that success in a full-time position with a financially stable company.

Previously, I oversaw Web/social media efforts for two TV stations, including CBS 4 in Miami, where I was commended by a CBS executive for the site's Twitter and Facebook strategies. At CBS 4 in Miami, I won praise from a CBS executive in a 2012 audit of the site’s social media strategy. In Mississippi, I trained 15 journalists to use SEO and social media best practices to better engage social communities and build brand awareness.

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2011 Mississippi International Film Festival



» This video showcases the results of the 2011 Mississippi International Film Festival's media and public relations campaign, which I designed and executed.